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Choreography Of Composition Webinar

How to dance with your camera

mike browne photography trainer

It's not merely a beautiful subject or location that makes a great image - it's how you see it through your camera that makes the difference between boring and brilliant.

If you photograph an iconic location (like the plane wreck in Iceland above) the same as everyone else, it's boring because people have seen it all before.

When you think different, you see and shoot different - and that brings a whole new dimension to your image making.

Composition is not a camera function - you gotta move your body.

Move it appropriately and you can move the sun around the sky if you want to! You're only moving things around in the viewfinder so they look great. Like arranging furniture in your home or ornaments on a sideboard. Composing an image isn't complex, it just requires a bit of thought.

In this webinar we'll explore what works, what doesn't, why it doesn't work and how to make it eye-catching, different. Plus the rarely mentioned impact focal length and other camera related aspects have on composing great photos. 

As always, you are invited to ask questions and share insights during this 1.5 hour live online class. 

review-g-lmGoogle Reviews
Thanks for an awesome webinar Mike.

I didn't make the live one but watched the recording you sent through. Have learnt lots today. As always webinar easy to understand and very well presented. Please keep them coming...


review tp-sueTrustpilot Reviews

Highly recommended webinars

I have so far attended two webinars. Both were very thorough, easy to follow and educational. The pdf presentation is available to keep, plus the webinar recording is available to watch for seven days. 

I feel I have learned loads and may very well sign up for one of the longer courses soon.


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