Commercial Photography

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I've been shooting for businesses large and small since 1993. Clients include artisan glass sculptors to electronics manufacturers, aviation companies to corporate events and training.

I like to spend time with clients to make sure we both fully understand your requirements and your purpose is fulfilied. 

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Jet Aviation Basel Completions has worked with Mike Browne on several occasions.
Every time we have found him to be creative, professional and flexible and the results have always captured exactly what we were looking for and more.

Marc Galin: Director Marketing JBSL Completions

Commercial Photography


Man\'s hands with white glove inserting a golf ball into a holder bearing Canadian flag logoBusinessman wearing a suit with company signage on wall behind himPerson wearing blue protective gloves inspecting a component for quality controlLancaster bomber at sunsetMan and woman looking at sunset from a small Renault Twizzy electric carTwo businessmen in conversation by the seaBusinessman wearing glasses sitting at a table in his officeFloodlit Boeing aircraft and it\'s reflection on wet concrete at nightWoman wearing blue dress in an office environment in conversation to another woman with back to the cameraHarpa concert hall in Reykjavik, Iceland with blue twilight sky and snow on footpath to entranceWillow soap bar, shampoo and conditioner with towels on marble standTwo bottles of mineral water and glasses with window in backgroundWhite electronic diagnosis system with multiple electrical sockets of varying coloursThree seared scallops with puffed rice, foam and herbs on a white plateCarrot cakes, madeleines and raspberry tarts on a restaurant table with windows to garden behindClassic English afternoon tea of sandwiches, cakes, scones and jam with cream and pot of tea next to log fireWood panelled function room with bright windows set up with long table, flip chart and chairs for a business meeting of 18 peoplePens, note pads and water glasses set out for a business meeting in a function roomWicker chairs in a hotel conservatory with glimpse of garden beyondEntrance and NHS Trust Antelope House signage with large modern yellow window in Southampton UKYoung woman looking lonely amongst a group of people in conversation in a gardenMan doing a business presentation in front of a turquoise and corporate Growth Leaders signMan laughing at a woman\'s comment during a conversation at a business meetingMan wearing glasses with look of concentration in a room of business people during a presentationYachtsman making a card payment to the harbourmasterMotorcyclist wearing black riding a red custom Harley Davidson with roadside bushes blurring behind himCommercial washing machines and dryers in a commercial laundry with brown tiled floorOne branded coffe mug viewed through the handle of anotherBearded man wearing baseball cap with Squire logo holding a large Squire motorcycle security lock