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Online Mentoring & Feedback Group

Twice monthly meetings, challenges and more...

My exclusive Picture Perfect mentoring and feedback group has just 15 members max and is tailored for photographers looking for personal feedback and coaching to grow their creativity and confidence, fine-tune skills and feel accomplished. You can hang out with other members in our private online community where you'll gain even more through peer to peer learning.

Our intimate group offers a supportive environment for photographers of all levels.

  • Small group (15 max)
  • Individual feedback on images
  • Encouragement
  • Challenges
  • Guest photography speakers (More of an informal chat than lecture)
  • x2 online meetings each month

For all skill levels

Feedback for beginners provides foundational guidance, helping them grasp essential techniques, composition, and storytelling, while building confidence. Advanced photographers benefit from the nuanced insights of a professional, refining their skills, pushing creative boundaries, and evolving a unique style.

Feedback to a beginner can also benefit a more advanced photographer by reinforcing fundamental skills and fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of photography.

Online meetings

During our feedback meetings, you can easily share your screen without the need to send images in advance. We have our own private meeting room ensuring ample group interaction and screen-sharing capabilities, making pre-sending your images unnecessary.

Moreover, if we find ourselves with extra time, we'll host an engaging "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session towards the end. As usual, I'll encourage active participation by posing questions to everyone, fostering a highly interactive and collaborative group dynamic. Your insights and questions are valued, and this format ensures a fruitful and engaging experience for all.

Guest speakers

Thanks to my involvement with the Xposure International Photography Festival I'm lucky enough to be connected with some of the finest photographers on earth who join us for an informal presentation. You can engage, chat and ask them anything. These are conversations not lectures. Guests join us quarterly, sometime more frequently.

How it works

Our meetings typically run for an hour, scheduled for Tuesday evenings at 7:30 PM GMT. Please keep in mind that times and dates may vary based on participant time zones, ensuring flexibility for all.

Each participant is encouraged to share and stay to hear other's feedback and learn from that as well as your own. If you're in the Photo Creative challenge group, you're welcome to get feedback on images from challenges that have ended, but not current ones.

Payment is by recurring monthly subscription. Rest assured, you have the freedom to cancel and leave the group at any time, giving you full control over your participation.

Join the Picture Perfect feedback group today and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming the photographer you aspire to be.

Join the Picture Perfect Mentoring & Feedback Group

£45 per month


The group is full - please leave your details below and I'll let you know when space is available, or we open another group.

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Your tutor at a glance

I'm flattered to have been called the UK's friendliest Photography Expert (Thanks 500px!).  

I'm proud to have made hundreds of videos and spent thousands of hours teaching people like you to see more beauty in the world every day (and to capture that beauty), by thinking like a photographer. 

My YouTube channel has served more than 26 Million views and has more than 260,000 subscribers.

I've appeared on TV shows and been asked to speak at some of the best photography events on earth, such as:

  • Xposure International Photography Festival, Sharjah, UAE
  • The Photography Show, Birmingham, UK

I've enjoyed a wonderful career as a photographer, presenter and teacher. I even trained as a teacher so that I could reach my full potential and enable others to reach theirs.

As a photographer, I'm proud to have won multiple awards: 

  • Petapixel TopTen Youtube Trainers list
  • x3 Xposure International Photography Festival Awards
  • x1 Fuji Commercial - x2 Fuji Wedding
  • Kodak Gold Award
  • x14 Master Photographers Association Awards

And I've been lucky to have had exhibitions at prestigious venues such as:

  • The Master Photographers Association
  • Royal Photographic Society
  • Romanian Embassy (London)
  • Xposure Photography Festival - others...

When not teaching photography I also have a role as a brand ambassador for and I have written for publications such as:

  • Ephotozine
  • DSLR User magazine
  • Professional Photographer
  • Photography Monthly - others...

Trumping all of this, my proudest achievement to date is the huge number of wonderful 5* reviews on Trustpilot and Google - written by people like you after completing my courses. This is what inspires me to continue creating courses to help more people fall in love with photography. 

Man wearing motorcycle jacket pointing at a camera

Photographer, speaker and motorcyclist

Xposure International Photography Festival - Sharjah, UAE

Mike Browne CDTP Lite Photoshow 600

Speaking at The Photo Show Birmingham UK

Group of photographers on a wooden dock at a lake in Switzerland

Switzerland Photo Workshop Group