Photography 121 and Workshop preparation

Things to familiarise yourself with before you come...

I want to make sure everyone get's the maximum benefit from a 121 or Workshop. If you're starting out on this exciting journey, here are few videos to help you understand the basic concepts, terms and functions of a camera before you come.

You don't have to be an 'expert' - you just need to know what is meant by shutter speed, aperture priority, ISO etc and where they are on your camera. All cameras have these things in different places and I can't tell you precisely where they are on yours. To find them you may need to look in your handbook.

  1. Please watch the beginner and intermediate films in the Camera Controls section
  2. Find out where these controls are on your camera
  3. The Camera Jargon Buster video explains all the terminology you're ever likely to need

That's it - you're done!

I look forward to meeting you soon...

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