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Focal Length Explained Webinar

Choosing the right one will massively improve your photos

mike browne photography trainerFocal length is one of the most overlooked creative tools in photography. Understanding it and using it appropriately will massively improve the impact of any image - because focal length is best friends with composition.

Long lenses do more than make far off things come closer, they can exclude clutter, isolate the subject within (or from) it's surroundings and give a bystander feeling to an image.

Wide angle or 'short' lenses do more than pack lots of scenery into a landscape, they can push a background further away, give you the most depth of field, stretch reality and give images a feeling of intimacy.

In this webinar we'll explore these characteristics, how to use them to revolutionise your imagery and go through many examples and the reasons why a particular focal length was used for it.

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Thank you, Mike

The most comprehensive yet easy to follow Photography courses online! Your videos on Focal distance and Depth of field helped me understand Photography on a much deeper level. 


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