Photography Seminar & Photowalk - London

Cameras Don't Take Pictures

21st September 2024 - £125 per person

Tired of amassing a collection of "OK" images that lack that spark of pride? Struggling to discover inspiration and those remarkable photos? Feeling lost about the reasons behind it all?

Introducing CDTP: a dynamic morning seminar followed by an afternoon photo walk to transform theory into action. Your camera and favourite lens are all you need to join in.

No matter what camera you wield – even a phone – this event is tailored for you. Because remember, cameras don't capture pictures, you do.

What is CDTP?

CDTP is an immersion into learning by doing, a journey where experience becomes the teacher. Drawing from my professional journey as a photographer since 1993, I'll share insights I've gathered along the way. As participants engage, asking questions and sharing their own experiences, fresh perspectives naturally unfold. This leads to new found confidence to explore, innovate, and bridge the gap between the technical and creative dimensions of photography.

  • Image Mastery and Inspiration Do You take 1000s of "OK" images - but are not truly proud of them? Is it hard to get Inspired and find photos? Are You confused as to Why? You are not alone - we've all been there...
  • The Real Difference Between ‘Good’ & ‘Bad’
    Join me and find out what makes a 'Good' photo, how to do it, why some photos are 'Bad' - AND WHAT TO DO SO IT NEVER HAPPENS TO YOU.
  • How To Think Like A Photographer
    Did Leonardo DaVinci's brushes paint the Mona Lisa for him? No - so why would a camera take photos for you?
    You need a simple, repeatable Thought Process and action plan.

For most, the game-changer is realising that the essence of photography extends beyond the camera's confines. It's an eye-opener that just a handful of controls hold the key. We'll blend imaginative thinking with strategic techniques, making it surprisingly simple to capture images worthy of adorning your walls. Imagine the pride that'll swell within you, knowing those images are your creation. How proud will you feel?

The most important thing in photography - is YOU. 

If the camera and technology were the real game-changers, how did the Old Time Masters craft awe-inspiring images with the simplest of cameras? If cameras held all the power, your modern-day digital wonder should easily outshine them – so why isn't it?

  • “It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera. They are made with the eye, heart and head.”  [Henri Cartier-Bresson]
  • “A better camera won’t do a thing for you.”  [Arnold Newman]
  • “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”  [Ansel Adams]

Photographers just like you said....

Quote marks on grey background

"The best thing was how you spoke your thought process aloud when working a shot and reverse engineered it for us. A really inspiring talk and I Loved the audience participation."
Tracey Howe

"Very enjoyable and completely different to the usual lectures. You made it thought provoking and included the audience with your questions."
David Huntingford

"Very inspiring! I am more relaxed about taking pictures now, and take more time to look for the better angle or a new approach."
Marilyn Timney

Cameras Don't Take Pictures IS about...

  • Putting YOU IN CONTROL of your photography
  • The Crucial Thought Process behind all eye catching images
  • How to find the right settings for any shot
  • Inspiration, motivation & new ways of thinking
  • Fulfilling Your potential as a photographer

Cameras Don't Take Pictures is NOT about...

  • Camera controls / techniques available on 1000s of free videos
  • Memorising settings. They're USELESS unless you're taking the identical composition at the same moment
  • Which gadgets, kit and tech are 'best'
  • Being lectured to


This seminar is 10 minutes walk from Waterloo Train Station.

The afternoon photo walk begins at the Tate Modern on South Bankside, along the Thames to Tower Bridge, returning along the North Embankment to cross back at Westminster Bridge, finishing at the London Eye. Anyone who wants to get a drink at one of the many bars nearby and hangout for an hour or so is most welcome.

£125 per person


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Images from CDTP - by students and me

Mike Browne and MC on stage with big screen of photos in front of a large audienceMan photographing another man\'s shoe with an iPhoneOlder white males with one hand in the airDrum majorettes in heavy black and white make up and dressed in silver and white performing on streets of LondonPhotographers on a photo walk in Central LondonMan balancing crystal ball on another man\'s head with St Pauls Cathedral in BackgroundUndeside of millennium bridge in LondonMillennium Bridge busy with tourists in central LondonA photographer using a phone to take a photo of a man and woman wearing sunglasses on the Millennium Bridge in LondonMan and woman about to take a selfie over Millennium Bridge with St Pauls cathedralThe Millennium Bridge leading to St Paul\'s Cathedral with pedestriansYoung woman looking into doorway of the London Bridge Experience as she strides pastThe Tower of London with many people walking past along the South bankThree young women wearing sunglasses striding along a London streetThe Timepiece Sundial sculpture at the foot of Tower Bridge with womanPhotographer Mike Browne teaching students on Tower Bridge in Central LondonWoman walking past old blue and white restaurant in Central LondonDiamond shaped reflection on glass building in LondonTwo young Asian women influencers in white dresses pose for photos with Tower Bridge in backgroundRed London bus crossing Tower Bridge in Central London on a bright sunny dayTall ornate brick arched door way with girl walking in front toward the rightTrapezoid shape on stair rail with The Shard in the background across The ThamesThe Shard through a frame across the river ThamesPhotographer Mike Browne with camera striding from sunlight into shade on a London streetGroup of photographers in London on Mike Browne\'s CDTP photo walkYoung woman with thoughtful expression and hand on the arm of a man she\'s looking at on a bench by the River ThamesMultitude of glass triangles making up the gherkin with cumulus clouds covering the sunAbstract reflections of London city sky scrapers in a glass windowStaffordshire bull terrier in neckerchief with happy accordion player sat cross leggedFunky young lady in short white shirt dress and a man using a camera opposite her on London streetFemale artist with her painting of Tower Bridge in London UKLondon kids using office windows as mirror as they practise a dance routineCool young dancers practicing a routine in an office windowWoman in a red dress and white trainers conversing with a man stood by traffic lights in front of modernist buildingLondon skyline across the Thames RiverShapes of London city buildings against the sky with The Shard in the backgroundPhotographer Mike Browne sitting on a step holding a camera and pointingLight playing on abstract shapes of a riveted iron girder on a Bridge over the River Thames in LondonLondon\'s modern glass fronted buildings behind railingsMan in top hat and bow tie playing the tuba in front of tagged brick wall

Your tutor at a glance

I'm flattered to have been called the UK's friendliest Photography Expert (Thanks 500px!).  

I'm proud to have made hundreds of videos and spent thousands of hours teaching people like you to see more beauty in the world every day (and to capture that beauty), by thinking like a photographer. 

My YouTube channel has served more than 26 Million views and has more than 260,000 subscribers.

I've appeared on TV shows and been asked to speak at some of the best photography events on earth, such as:

  • Xposure International Photography Festival, Sharjah, UAE
  • The Photography Show, Birmingham, UK

I've enjoyed a wonderful career as a photographer, presenter and teacher. I even trained as a teacher so that I could reach my full potential and enable others to reach theirs.

As a photographer, I'm proud to have won multiple awards: 

  • Petapixel TopTen Youtube Trainers list
  • x3 Xposure International Photography Festival Awards
  • x1 Fuji Commercial - x2 Fuji Wedding
  • Kodak Gold Award
  • x14 Master Photographers Association Awards

And I've been lucky to have had exhibitions at prestigious venues such as:

  • The Master Photographers Association
  • Royal Photographic Society
  • Romanian Embassy (London)
  • Xposure Photography Festival - others...

When not teaching photography I also have a role as a brand ambassador for and I have written for publications such as:

  • Ephotozine
  • DSLR User magazine
  • Professional Photographer
  • Photography Monthly - others...

Trumping all of this, my proudest achievement to date is the huge number of wonderful 5* reviews on Trustpilot and Google - written by people like you after completing my courses. This is what inspires me to continue creating courses to help more people fall in love with photography. 

Man wearing motorcycle jacket pointing at a camera

Photographer, speaker and motorcyclist

Xposure International Photography Festival - Sharjah, UAE

Mike Browne CDTP Lite Photoshow 600

Speaking at The Photo Show Birmingham UK

Group of photographers on a wooden dock at a lake in Switzerland

Switzerland Photo Workshop Group