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Masterclass In Photography

Obviously I’m going to teach you camera settings, light and composition in this photography course. But you’ll also learn to see light, shade, colour, and movement in ways you can’t imagine. You'll begin to see beauty you’ve been missing out on, and once I teach you to see it, you’ll see it in every minute of every day for the rest of your life. And then I’m going to teach you how to capture that beauty whenever it suits you.


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Stay In The Game

It's tough to stay motivated on your own, so I’m inviting you to join my free Creative Group on Facebook where we have photo challenges every month, live feedback sessions and more. They’re a lovely bunch of photographers of all levels of experience making sure they don’t lose it either. Some have become very accomplished photographers - some are just starting out.

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How To Think Like A Photographer

Learn To Think Like a Pro Photographer

You've got great camera skills, the fundamentals of light and composition. Awesome - that's the bedrock of photography. Now, let's cross the bridge between technical and creative, so you are truly thinking like a photographer. Can you get a standing ovation if you don’t Think like a musician? Photography’s the same. Learn my repeatable, step by step thought process that works for every image, because there’s nothing worse than a sharp picture - of a fuzzy idea.

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retouching raw files

Post Production Techniques For Perfect Pictures

Post is where you add mood and feeling and make it your own. Cameras do a fair job most of the time, but don't know what it was like to BE there. Post production begins when you perfectly capture the picture. In this course, let me teach you how to have a vision for your images, how subtly add impact, not go 'too far' and give you the ability to make your photos pop.

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Sharah desert sand dunes. Man facing away, camels and rides in distance

Workshops From Scotland To The Sahara

Photography workshops are for photographers of all levels of experience. If you're starting out, we'll spend a day on stuff that'll improve your images the fastest so you're excited to develop your skills. 2-day Weekend Workshops to strengthen your camera skills and creative thinking. Imagine improving your skills photographing life at a working pagoda monastery school in Cambodia, stunning scenery in Morocco or the splendour of Iceland. Where possible, workshops support on location social projects. So you'll leave with new skills, insights, experiences, stories to tell and powerful photos to back them up, whilst making putting some of good back into the world at the same time. 

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