Photography Workshops

Explore. Create. Inspire - three key ingredients of my photography workshops

If there is one thing I can guarantee - my photography workshops are held at great locations, with even better training. All workshops include coaching, various exercises and feedback.

Imagine the new friends that you could make along the way, the stories that you will have to tell your loved ones back home and the awesome images you’ll have to back them up.

Worried that you’re not yet confident enough to attend a workshop? Put those worries aside and join in - all skill levels are welcomed and encouraged.

1 Day Beginner Workshops

Want more from your camera?
  • Basic techniques & creativity
  • Practical hands-on training
  • Beautiful seaside location
  • You don't need fancy kit 


London Seminar & Photowalk: Sep 2024

AM seminar + PM photo walk


  • Image mastery and inspiration
  • How to think like a photographer
  • The real difference between good and bad
  • Hands on exercises & afternoon photowalk


Ireland: Sept 2024

7days - 6 nights
  • Sunrises and sets
  • Land and seascapes
  • Islands, lakes, valleys and forests
  • Coaching and feedback


Lanzarote: Nov 2024

5 Days of...
  • Improving yours skills
  • Volcanoes, sunrises and sunsets
  • Seascapes, villages and people
  • Feedback, mentoring and exercises



Morocco: 2025 coming soon

11 day Travel Photography Workshop
  • How to tell stories
  • Landscapes, people and places
  • Feedback, mentoring and exercises
  • Marrakesh to Sahara Desert


1 on 1 Photography Training

Individual Photography Training

Basic techniques & creativity | Practical hands-on training
Beautiful seaside location | You don't need fancy kit 



Don't upgrade the camera - upgrade the photographer

Forget about 90% of those camera options; they're just there to boggle your mind. No need to dive into the mathematics of apertures and focal lengths – that's not the secret sauce. All you need are five key controls, plus a sprinkle of light and composition mastery.

Take a page from the pre 1980s photo legends – they were true photographers and wove captivating stories with the most humble of cameras. Upgrades? Nah, they used skill and vision because...

Cameras don't take pictures any more than a piano plays music. The musician makes the music and You make the pictures.

I've got a system that makes this super easy which I call The 7 Building Blocks of Photography. I break it down, show you how, and then let you dive in. This way, you'll truly understand each piece of the puzzle and how they fit together. I skip the jargon and keep it simple – no overwhelming tech stuff.

I've specialised in teaching since 2006, helping photographers like you. I love it when you have a 'light bulb' moment and grasp a new idea or concept. In 2012 I got a teaching qualification so I know about learning styles and can make seemingly complex concepts simple, so you get clarity and confidence in your photography.. 

Workshops DO


  • Concentrate on seeing / finding images
  • Work on understanding light
  • Exploit focal lengths creatively
  • Teach you how to think like a photographer
  • And find the settings you need

Workshops DO NOT


  • Explain what each knob and button does
  • Delve into camera menus (they're all different)
  • Preach about which camera / lens / kit is 'best'
  • Promote gadgets and tech
  • Do settings for you (I'll help you find them)

If you're not confident about your skills

Don't worry, workshops aren't just for pros. 

Feeling a bit unsure about your camera's controls? Or maybe you're just excited to brush up a bit so you're more confident?

Either way, I've got your back with a few super helpful free videos to prepare you so you won't feel behind or like you're hold others back! 


Online Courses

If you want to learn how to:

Get pin sharp pictures, understand light, composition, make friends with your camera,
watch your images comes to life and start thinking like a photographer...