There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts. [Richard Bach]

As a photographer and traveller, I'm lucky to have often left my comfort zone to experience diverse cultures and navigate challenges which at the time were uncomfortable, scary and occasionally life threatening. Yet they are the moments I most cherish.

The readiness to make mistakes, fail and look silly is the pathway to confidence and fulfilment in all we do. I believe thinking like a photographer is to see more beauty in the world, and find wisdom in every snapshot of life.

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Photo Creative Challenges

How much of this amazing world do we miss as we hurry by on our errands? These free, themed, monthly challenges are for you to practise seeing and recording moments of inspiration. And there are live feedback sessions to help you capture more of them.

Skill level or camera are unimportant because cameras don't take pictures - we make pictures using our ability to see, feel, notice plays of light and capture the moment. If you don't have a camera, a phone is enough. This isn't a competition, it's a challenge to help you see more beauty in the world by thinking like a photographer. 


Zero To Hero

Personal stories from students and others who share their own personal journeys from Zero To Hero. 

Manon Tremblay specialises in photographing bands and big name musicians for magazines. But it didn't 'just happen'. Manon had to leave her comfort zone behind, wrestle fears of being not good enough, be courageous and put herself out there.

And Manon's not alone. So get yourself motivated and inspired, check out the many amazing stories from people just like you who stepped out and gave their dreams, goals and ambitions a chance at life.


Inspirational Speaker

Overcoming adversity is the source of fulfilment, learning and personal growth. I've had a wonderful if sometimes scary journey, from frightened child suffering at the hands of a traumatised father, abandoning school unqualified and dyslexic, to ultimately receive three Gold Awards at the prestigious Xposure International Photography Festival.

It's been a brilliant roller coaster of self doubt and sadness, fun and adventure.  

I speak at photography events, business events and even at an Embassy. I love engaging with an audience whilst sharing life, amazing experiences and the wonderful people who helped make me the luckiest man in the world.


Inspired Image Gallery

Images are time travel. They can re-awaken our excitement and feeling long after the moment passed. I suggest you store these moments of excitement for those rainy days when you need to relive your best moments - especially on those not quite so good days.

These images are some of my personal moments of magic. They're accompanied by memories, thoughts or feelings as the camera recorded them. This Muslim girl in a stilt village in Vietnam was watching my students through the open door of her house...

Beautiful light, no time to faff or she'll turn and smile at me and the moment will slip away. Raising iso and camera simultaneously, compose-focus-shoot.

I'm proud to have authored this divers collection of images. Hopefully they are about something - not merely of something, and inspire you.

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