Photography Consultant

Improve Your In-house Photography & Video

It's a common fallacy that buying expensive cameras for the office will result in great images to promote your business or product. It can be an overwhelming experience for an employee to be given this responsibility and that's where I come in.

With thirty years experience working as a photographer and in TV across many genres and countries, I can share knowledge and skills with you and ensure you avoid the pitfalls I landed in.

My clients include corporates, SMEs, estate agents and crafters selling jewellery on Etsy.

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As PR and Communications Manager for the Jet Aviation Group I have to ensure we have quality images to distribute to the press. Mike was able to break the information down into understandable pieces that we could easily digest and put to immediate use.

He’s great fun to work with and brought joy and a sense of adventure to our photography experience, which helped us approach a previously daunting task with hope and confidence.

Mary-Lou Murphy [PR and Communications Manager, EMEA & Asia]


If you're looking to improve your in house photography I can help you...

  • Buy what you need and probably save you money
  • Teach you how to use it
  • Lighting
  • Maintain consistency


Video is a powerful way to engage your customers. I've worked in TV as a cameraman, editor and presenter and have my own 270,000 subscriber strong Youtube channel.

  • Presenter coaching
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Youtube

    so if you need some help...

    Talk to me