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Now a multi award winning photographer, teacher and speaker, I walked out of school aged 15 with no qualifications and little ambition, to work on a farm.

Today my clients include world class organisations, I've spoken and taught at prestigious venues such as The Romanian Embassy in London, Royal Photographic Society and Xposure International Photography Festival in Sharjah UAE - where I won three awards. My YouTube currently has over 267,000 subscribers.

Inevitably, life has led me to have many adventures in various parts of the world as a photographer and teacher. In 2022 I made two trips to Ukraine delivering aid and documenting the incredible people who dropped their lives to go and help others in desperate need.

I'm lucky to have overcome and learned powerful life lessons through experience of childhood abuse, dyslexia, obesity and anxiety. On two occasions I considered ending my life. I wouldn't change a bit of it and consider myself the luckiest guy in the world. 

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Photographs are time capsules, carrying us back to poignant snapshots of our existence. They evoke emotions, reawaken thoughts, and stir forgotten inspirations, if only we let them.

As life ebbs and flows, these still images can disrupt the rhythm, anchoring us back to the present and transforming our emotional state, perspective, and efficiency.

Drawing on my rich 30-year journey as a photographer, I will revisit some of my life's defining moments and demonstrate how even your everyday smartphone can serve as a gateway for time travel.

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How did the Old Time Masters make breathtaking images with such basic cameras? If expensive kit makes better pictures, you and your wizz-bang digital should be able to whoop them - so why aren't you?

Cameras Don't Take Pictures is Experiential Learning. As participants ask questions and share experience doing some fun group exercises, new ways of thinking start to emerge. New ways to be confident and creative.

The big breakthrough for most is that photography happens OUTSIDE THE CAMERA.

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How do you go from boring photos, to brilliant? It’s not the camera you use, it’s you.

Every photographer aspires to capture captivating images that hold viewers' attention and inspire appreciation. Turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

We yearn for the thrill of creating images that are fresh, dynamic, and compelling, telling a story, capturing the essence of a place, person, or object. To transform the mundane into magnificent and discover a pot of gold at the rainbow's end.

But to find our reward, we need to traverse the rainbow—exercising our ability to envision the desired image, blending creativity and technical skills to bring this vision to life.

In this talk, Mike navigates this journey. He delves into the five necessary camera controls and the cascading effect of their combination. He discusses pre-visualisation, reverse-engineering for settings, and recounts one of his most challenging, yet personally gratifying commercial photo shoots.

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The myriad benefits of resilience influence personal growth, well-being, and success. How does one become resilient?

Traumatised by an abusive father, school bullying, obesity, and undiagnosed dyslexia, Mike abandoned school at fifteen, worked on a farm and contemplated ending his life twice.

Today, Mike is an internationally acclaimed photographer and teacher, winning accolades for both.

In 'Resilient - A Life Journey', Mike shares his journey and the mindset that transformed hardship into being 'The luckiest man on earth'.

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Mike has established a YouTube channel with 270,000 subscribers after experiencing challenges in his business and personal life.

He will outline his journey through feelings of being overwhelmed, provide strategies for reaching a target audience, explain tactics to understand YouTube's algorithm, and highlight the advantages of using live streams for audience engagement.

A well-maintained YouTube channel can increase engagement, foster a strong community, and establish trust with a desired audience, beneficial for businesses, organizations, or clubs.

Its connection to Google can enhance online visibility and search engine ranking. Mike will also address handling online 'Trolls' and turning those interactions into positive engagement opportunities.

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Mike is a dynamic speaker

Presenting life lessons caught on camera he demonstrated an amazing ability to create powerful and accessible experiences for our diverse audience.

In addition to being exceptionally congenial and warm, he’s committed to making sure the event is unique and connects to brand and business objectives.

His presentations are that rare blend of informative, accessible and emotionally impactful.

Peppermint Clubhouse

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Our clients loved Mike's talk

Mike gave his 'resilient' talk to a group of our business coaching clients in January 2023. It was informative, entertaining, often funny, sometimes very emotional. Mike gave us everything we could have wished for in a speaker, and we are very grateful for the amount of effort put into the visual element that illustrated his points perfectly.

I can highly recommend Mike as a speaker and I think the 'resilient' talk would appeal to a wide range of people.

Vicki La Bouchardiere (Business coach)

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Mike is an amazing speaker...

...and has held our audience in the palm of his hands at several events.

As well as being an expert on all things photographic and YouTube, he's just sooo likeable.

Funny, authentic, honest and open. He can make people laugh and cry as he takes them along with him.

People love Mike and you will too.

Paul Tansey (MD Intergage ltd)

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