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Each month a new new photo challenge is issued to our Facebook group as a project for you to work on, developing your camera and creative skills.

The group is a lively, supportive community of over 6,000 photographers of all levels. Monthly live feedback sessions accompany each challenge on my Youtube channel.

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Current Challenge: Leading Line

When using leading lines remember they should have a destination, something that's the subject of the image. They should play a supporting role - not be the subject itself. Ensure they subtly guide the viewer to the subject without dominating the frame.

A leading line on its own isn’t usually very interesting unless it's something special, like the waterfall opposite which leads to the sky and moon beyond. Be cautious that lines enhance the photo's focus, rather than distract or detract from it.

They can be used to draw attention to it by providing...

  • Directional Guidance: Leading lines naturally draw the viewer’s gaze along a specific path, making it easier to direct attention to the most important elements of the scene. 
  • Sense of Depth: Lines can create a sense of depth and dimension in a photograph, making a two-dimensional image feel more three-dimensional. 
  • Visual Balance: Leading lines can help balance a composition, drawing the eye across the image in a way that feels natural and pleasing. 
  • Increased Viewer Engagement: By leading the eye through the image, these lines keep viewers looking longer and more deeply at a photograph. This increased engagement makes the image more memorable and impactful.

Overall, leading lines are more than just a way to frame a subject; they can enhance the viewer's experience, deepen the narrative, and enrich the visual aesthetics of a photograph.

Have fun. Dates and times below...

waterfall in Iceland with moon in sky aboveStone wall leading into a lake with forest and cloud topped hills in distance on a rainy daywoman in fast moving green vintage car with hedges blurring pastMan turning around between towering walls in a temple in MyanmarRed brick house by a tidal pool at sunriseModern glass building at twilight blue hour with snow covered pathReflection of graffiti below a motorway bridgestream leading through hills and rice fields in mountains of north VietnamTall grasses above clouds with mountains and cloudy sky beyondAbandoned windmills deteriorating by the sea

Ideas and examples...

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Info, dates and times...

  • Join the Photo Creative Facebook group
  • Upload 1 entry to the Quiet album (available 1 week before closing date)
  • Add a few words about your image in the description
  • CLOSES FOR ENTRIES: 11.59pm GMT - Sunday 26th May [UK Time]
  • LIVE FEEDBACK: 7.00pm GMT - Thursday 30th May [UK Time]


Feedback is Live on my YouTube. A link is shared in the group a couple of days beforehand.

Due to high participation not everyone will get a mention. But you can have regular feedback and more by joining my Picture Perfect Mentor Group.


  • ONE image per person per challenge
  • Upload your image to designated album in the Facebook group by 23:59pm [UK Time] on the closing date of each challenge
  • Include the weekly #hashtag in the text field and a caption which includes the challenge title
  • Challenge albums will be open 1 week before challenge closes

No archive or AI images

Please shoot for the challenge. We learn and grow by doing - not sitting back and being lazy. Archive and AI images will be discounted.

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Photo Creative was only intended to be for 12 weeks and stemmed from a time in people's lives where they really had to re-evaluate their approach to photography, and life in general! - Lockdown.
Today it has grown to be a supportive, inspirational and fun - ever growing group of like-minded budding and experienced photographers alike!
Good luck, don't be shy and get stuck in! I look forward to seeing your images...
Best wishes

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