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7 Steps To Perfect Pictures

A step by step, 7 week online course with video lessons, weekly exercises and course notes. RAW files are included so you can work alongside me throughout the course and gain valuable experience.

Lightroom workflow course box7 Steps To Workflow Mastery - included free

Learn how to utilise the powerful tools in Lightroom's library module and get it to do a lot work for you, which will get you organised, save you frustration and create more time for the sexy business of making your photos sing.

What will I learn?

You'll navigate Lightroom's library and develop interfaces, know where and when to use it's powerful, time saving tools. The Library offers essential tools for workflow and file management, ensuring you can locate any image - even from a decade ago. Additionally, Lightroom can automate tasks during import.

Learn to align with Lightroom's logic and maximise its potential, visualising and communicating your image's intent. Instead of haphazardly adjusting sliders, you'll master a subtle, natural touch, avoiding that 'over-processed' look.

Post-production isn't for fixing errors - it's for realising your vision.

  • Around 8 hours of video, downloadable resources, support notes and exercises
  • Delivered weekly over 7 weeks, so you're not overwhelmed and have time to practise
  • Course can be paused or sped up

Full content below ...

W1-01 This Week - Back to Basics
  • W1-02 Saving

  • W1-03 Raw V JPEG
W1-04 The Interface

  • W1-05 Histograms and 'Basic' Panel

  • W1-06 Clarity
W1-07 Tone Curve

  • W1-08 Basic Tonal Range Polish
W1-09 Import to Folder

  • W1-10 Snapshots and Virtual Copies

Week 1 additional

  • Raw files
  • Support notes & exercises
W2-01 This Week - Blaze of Colour
W2-02 White Balance
W2-03 Saturation and Vibrance
W2-04 HSL
W2-05 Split Toning
W2-06 Black and White
W2-07 Colour Polish

Week 2 additional

  • Raw files
  • Support notes & exercises
W3-01 This Week - Little Details
W3-02 Crop Tool
W3-03 Spot Removal Cloning
W3-04 Red Eye Tool
W3-05 Grad Filter
W3-06 Radial Filter
W3-07 Brushes
W3-08 Selective Polish
W3-09 Planning and Execution

Week 3 additional

  • Raw files
  • Support notes & exercises
W4-01 This Week - Techy Stuff
  • W4-02 Detail Sharpening
W4-03 Lens Corrections
W4-04 Transform Panel
W4-05 Effects Panel

  • W4-06 Calibration Panel

  • W4-07 High Tech Polish

Week 4 additional

  • Raw files
  • Support notes & exercises
W5-01 This Week - Let’s Get Speedy
  • W5-02 Copy Settings
W5-03 Presets
W5-04 Presets & Local Adjustments
W5-05 Faster Creative Workflow

Week 1 additional

  • Raw files
  • Support notes & exercises
W6-01 This Week - The Final Frontier
  • W6-02 Panoramas
W6-03 HDR

  • W6-04 HDR Look

  • W6-05 Spot Colour
W6-06 Video Adjustments

  • W6-07 Exporting

  • W6-08 Watermarking
W6-09 HDR Polish

Week 1 additional

  • Raw files
  • Support notes & exercises
W7-01 This Week is About YOU
W7-02 Creative Workflow

  • W7-03 Where to Start
W7-04 Find your Interpretation
W7-05 Loving the Light
W7-06 How Far is too Far

Week 1 additional

  • Raw files
  • Support notes & exercises

Week 1 - Workflow explained
  • W1-02 What is workflow?

  • W1-03 Workflow explained
W1-04 Filing system

  • W1-05 The library
  • W1-06 Import screen
W1-07 Find missing images

Support notes & exercises

Week 2 - Catalogs
W2-01 Working with catalogs
W2-02 What is a catalog?
W2-03 Finding the catalog
W2-04 New catalogs
W2-05 Moving and renaming
  • W2-06 Catalog backup

Support notes & exercises

Week 3 - Importing
W3-01 Connect and 1st edit
W3-02 Copy Move Add
W3-02a Move and Add Explained
W3-03 File Handling
W3-04 Rename on Import
W3-05 Apply settings during Import
W3-06 Destination

Support notes & exercises

Week 4 - Rating and 2nd edit
  • W4-01 Maximise your work space 
  • W4-02 Deleting v removing
W4-03 Quick develop
  • W4-04 Rating tools and filters
  • W4-05 Compare and survey

  • W4-06 Stacking images
  • W4-07 Paint (spray can) tool

Support notes & exercises

Week 5 - Keywords and metadata
  • W5-01 Keywords tag panel
W5-02 Keyword suggestion panel
W5-03 Keyword sets
W5-04 Keyword list
  • W5-05 Remove / delete keywords
  • W5-06 Copyright and metadata
  • W5-07 Spray can keywords
  • W5-08 Find photos using metadata

Support notes & exercises

Week 6 - Collections
  • W6-01 Collections - a virtual folder tree
W6-02 Make a collection
  • W6-03 Smart collections

  • W6-04 Target collections and keywords
W6-05 Managing collections

Support notes & exercises

Week 7 - Renaming, moving and backups
W7-01 Renaming files and folders

  • W7-02 Moving folders
  • W7-03 Moving images without them going 'Missing'
W7-04 Backup again
W7-05 full workflow demo

Support notes & exercises

How is your photography course delivered?

On completing checkout, I'll email you a receipt, followed a few minutes later by your log in to our online training centre. You can change this from inside your account.

Weekly tutorials, notes and exercises are added in your account every seven (7) days to completion.  I'll email you each time new lessons are added and you can pause or speed up your course as you wish using the link in the email. 

Adobe Lightroom catalog settings

Catalogs - setup, back-up, never lose your work

Photo of swans with image missing alert in Adobe Lightroom

Never see this again

Group of images being dragged to a collection in Adobe Lightroom

Organise with collections

Adobe Lightroom library module showing images of Vietnam

Make Lightroom's library work for you

Northern Lights post production in Adobe Lightroom

Edit these images with me

Sunset over La Geria, Lanzarote in Lightroom post production

Panoramics and photo-merges made easy

weekly worksheets  from 7 steps to perfect pictures Adobe Lightroom course

Weekly support notes & exercises (both courses)

Are these Lightroom courses for you?

Beginner to intermediate level (Raw files included)

7 Steps To Workflow Mastery

Have you got loads of 'Missing Images', Catalogs all over the place not knowing which image is in where, trawling through date named folders trying to remember when you took a particular image? Is Lightroom's import library generally confusing? 7STWM is a step by step guide to getting the mess sorted and having a simple repeatable workflow so you'll never lose track of your images. 

You'll be efficient with imports, editing the 'keepers' from the 'maybes' and feel confident everything's backed up so you'll never lose all those hours of post production and be able to have Lightroom do a lot of work for you as you import, saving time for the sexy business of developing your images.

7 Steps To Perfect Pictures

Are you pushing sliders around without a plan or vision for your image - hoping something will workout? You'll learn how plan a vision and make it real, often employing subtle strokes with a brush which are usually more effective and have a much cleaner end result. You'll learn the fundamental skills to bring your ideas and emotions across to the viewer, helping them know where to look and what your image is about.

Whilst these courses were created on an older version of Lightroom Classic, the principles of post production remain the same - regardless of what software you use.  

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Reviews From People Like You...  Trustpilot 5 stars Google 5 star

As a complete Lightroom novice I found the course has helped me to understand how to keep my workflow organised and structured. It showed me how use the tools in Lightroom to select and grade my images.

I value what I have learnt because it has let git to grips with Lightroom for organising my images quickly and I would highly recommend this course. The way the course is set out, the exercises combined Mike's enthusiasm and teaching style is a winner for me and how I learn.

I'm looking forward to signing up to the follow up Lightroom course. Thank you Mike for being such a good teacher.

Neil Everett

7 Steps to Workflow Mastery helped me understand how to organize Lightroom.  My photos were in LR but I couldn't find anything and didn't understand Keywords or the difference from a catalogue to a collection.

Thank you for clearing it up for me - it is priceless for me because of the time it saves me from organizing and finding photos.

I'd highly recommend this course, Mike Browne is patient and clear (and quite funny at times) explaining how to use LR. There are times when you think it is too complicated but he says that it will take time and he is right.

After completing 7 steps to workflow mastery I purchased the 7 steps to perfect pictures so I can learn how to use the program properly.  After that I will go back and do the 7 Building Blocks.  Then one day I may travel to England and take a full day with Mike Browne.

Sharon McQuillan

This online course has provided an approach to using Lightroom that is far more structured and efficient than my previous workflow process. I was unaware of the shortcuts and tools available within the software that could really speed up and more importantly standardise the way that not only post process my images but also focused me on getting things right in camera.

The exercises are excellent for putting into practice the weekly tutorials and Mike's style of delivery takes away any ambiguity from the plethora of functions within Lightroom. I am currently working through the 7STPP course and the learning gained from the 7STWM has been invaluable.

This course has been invaluable in allowing me to really come to grips with my approach to post production and clearing my hard drives of 'clutter'! I would certainly recommend this to anybody serious on improving their approach to workflow management.

Frank Blahuta

Unconvinced? Try a free sample

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I'm so pleased I made the investment    Trustpilot 5 stars

It’s saved my skin already and managing my workflow quickly became second nature. “Perfect Pictures” is a real eye opener with a ton of content to help you understand and gain confidence with this very versatile tool.
[Ian Watkins]


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