Why not print your photos

We take more photos than ever before, but how often do we print them? Why don’t we print more photos. It’s never been cheaper and there are so many benefits to printing our photography.

As a huge fan of the printed image this has always puzzled me. I work a lot with Adam Scorey once editor of Digital Photography Magazine, Photography Monthly, Turning Pro, DSLR User and a host of other titles.

Adam used to review cameras for us and we did a series about what goes into publishing a magazine with him. Today he’s marketing and new products manager for One Vision Imaging, the company ClickASnap has partnered with to enable photographers who share their work on the site to sell it as framed prints and more.

A few weeks back Adam and were chatting about why people don’t print their photos and he raised some powerful points, which even I hadn’t considered. So we asked Christina to get the camera going and recorded our conversation to share with you.

We are the most photographed generation in history

yet in 30 / 40 years time we’ll have nothing to show for it. We photograph so much on our phones these days, then forget to back up. The phone gets broken or lost and everything has gone forever.

Assuming you’re one of the few who do back up, how will your family inherit your cloud? And don’t forget had drives fail or go out of date for some new system. I have backups here I’ve had to update onto new systems because the original ones are no longer current and can’t be read.

The Inspirational payoff of printing your photos

OK, I know I’ve been talking about memory photography. Photos of holidays, the children, aunty’s face when she sat on the mince pies, but what about our visually emotive photography? Photos that make us feel something?

The photos, we as photographers create simply for the pleasure of creation itself? That satisfaction of photographing a landscape, a person or simply light playing on a leaf just for the pure joy of it. Just because it looks stunning and makes us feel great.

We put weeks and months into learning photography, we get up early for the best light and take all that kit we saved, scrimped and agonised over what to buy with us and what happens to the result of all that effort? Maybe it gets uploaded to a photo-sharing site, gains some likes but then what?

Usually it gathers digital dust somewhere and unless you’re using a proper workflow, you probably won’t even be able to find it again in a year’s time.

There’s something deeply satisfying about printed photography, which a screen cannot replicate.

As a trainer I believe it’s vital to keep ourselves motivated to put in the effort to create photography. What better way than to hang it on our walls so we see it every day and are reminded that We did that.

You made the effort to go somewhere special, find the right spot to shoot from, compose the shot, deal with the technicalities to ensure we captured it exactly how we wanted it. It was You who developed the RAW file just the way You like it. Surely it deserves more than mouldering away on a hard drive somewhere.

For about £5 you can have a gorgeous print made of your current favourite photo, frame it and hang it where you’ll remember what you achieved every time you walk past. And it’s just the best feeling ever when someone asks where you got it and your reply is “I took that.” Wow…..

If you’re like me, your fav shot will constantly change so all you have to do is get it printed for a fiver and swap it over in the frame. It’s so cheap and a great way to keep yourself inspired too…

If you think your photography isn’t good enough to have printed, think again. Most people I meet when training are usually better than they think they are and we are all capable of growth. Me, Adam, everyone. What better way to remind yourself of your own achievements than by seeing them change around you as you progress?

And of course, through my courses and workshops, I’m available to be your guide to better photos whenever you want me…

Footnote: Adam and I love working together. We are already on the management team at ClickASnap together and he'll be making more appearences here on my site too 

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