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ClickanapWhy I Recommend ClickASnap

Last year I joined the management team at ClickASnap, the worlds first site to pay photographers for views on their images. Simply by uploading their best photos, photographers are being paid when someone pauses to look at them.

ClickASnap paid per view accounts are free and it's NOT a professionals only site. It's for all photographers to share their best photos and be paid for sharing them.

In the 1st year it's paid out over $10,000. Not bad for a baby that no one had heard of. Imagine what that might become.

When I first mentioned the site on Youtube, so many of you lovely folks visited the site it crashed. Not a great start to be sure. But we simply didn't expect such a huge response.

Since that first early version ClickASnap's been strengthened, bugs ironed out and has loads of great new features to help photographers get something back for their efforts.

I went along for a chat with ClickASnap boss Tom Oswald to find out how the site's doing, what's new and plans for the future.

I love the concept because no other photo sharing site gives back so much. For sure there are sites where you can sell or license your images, but commissions taken by them are as high as 50 or more percent. ClickASnap's new e-commerce system takes just 10%.

ClickASnap doesn't just pay out a set amount, it shares it's revenue stream so the more people use the site and it grows, the higher the payouts shared with photographers become. That means just by telling friends and sharing links to your photos and albums, you are helping to grow your own (and others) payouts.

This is because pay per view money comes from advertising and the more people that use the site, the more advertisers are willing to spend to place their ads. Yes I know, we don't like adverts. But that's the way the world works these days. There's no such thing as a free lunch and someone has to pay the hundreds of thousands of £s it costs to build such a site.

On some free photo sharing sites you are giving the site permission to use your images however they wish to pay for these costs. ClickASnap does not share or distribute your images. You can do that if you wish to by signing up for an e-commerce account and are charged a minute 10% commission as mentioned above.

Besides all this I think ClickASnap is a great way for beginner and new photographers to gauge how they're evolving and growing. If you're getting loads of views and a bit of money's coming in from paid views, you know people like your work. What a terrific confidence booster! And you get a few bucks at the same time.

I truly believe ClickASnap is a win win scenario. Sure you have to put in a bit of work tagging, titling and describing your photos when you upload them so they can be found. But you have to do that on any other site anyway.

So, please pop over and check out the site, signup for a free account, share your best work and make a few bucks in the process.

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