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In September 2015 my assistant Melissa asked our lovely 11,000+ Facebook followers to post questions for her to put to me. There were a lot that were not at all what I expected. You’ll just have to watch the video for those…

First I want to say thank you for all the hundreds of questions you posted. I'd love to answer them all, but we'd have several hours of video here.

Mostly folks wanted to know about training opportunities coming up in 2017 / 17. At the time she interviewed me I didn't have all the answers so i've done my best below.


The Lanzarote workshop is running again this April on this photographic little gem of an island.

As many of you know I spent several weeks exploring new locations for a ‘Road Less Travelled’ photo adventure workshop in Vietnam with my brilliant partner in crime Simon Taplin. Between you and me, it opened for booking last night.

As did our Cambodia workshop which has grown to include even more photo opportunities and training

We’ll be posting new ‘on location’ videos about each in February.

I’m also working on dates for the Enniskillen Masterclass and will let everyone know when it’s open.


The first of two new Lightroom courses mentioned in the video is now available. 7 Steps To Workflow Mastery has had a fantastic review from 500px Editor in Chief DL Cade. The second in the series 7 Steps to Perfect Pictures is due our mid summer.

The 8th Building Block of Photography is in the planning stage. It goes in depth about how to pre-visualise - and how to achieve the finished image. We touched on this in Block 3 of The 7 Building Blocks of Photography, now it’s time to help people really know how this crucial part of photography is done.

Live Motivational Events:

Whilst I love this amazing online community to bits, I miss being with real people and have developed a 2-3 hour live event called Cameras Don’t Take Pictures which will motivate you as a photographer and show you the difference a change in thinking will revolutionise your photography. It’s very interactive and we do a few crazy things along the way.

Cameras Don’t Take Pictures was tested in front of a paying audience of 75 photographers and feedback tells me, it works. I’m going to take this one on the road because I want to meet as many of you lovely people as possible - and I love travelling.

Free Videos:

I’m also going to be adding to the free videos posted on Youtube and this site. Some need updating and as I’ve evolved as a trainer, I realise there are some I can make better still. There’ll be more of the popular coaching videos too.

Phew – that should keep me out of mischief..

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