Shipwreck Photography Pt. 1

7 Building Blocks of Photography 2

Video member Taryn Bryant asked us for some help with her shipwreck photography - strange girl Taryn! The wreck in question is the SS Nornen in Burnham on Sea.

Taryn had photographed the shipwreck many times but never managed to get the image she hoped for and Jayne and I went along to see if we could help.

Shooting images like this (shipwreck or otherwise) is a three stage process.

First you must do some research. What time is the tide out? When will the best light be? Will tide and light coincide? The next step is to go and recce the location and choose your spot so when you go back (at the right time) to shoot it you'll know where to be.

Second is the shoot. You're in place at the right time and ready to go - so get on with it and don't waste a moment. Shoot lots of frames.

Thirdly there's post production to get the best from your file. In the old days it was done in a dark room with chemicals - now it's done on a computer.

Please join us for part one of three films and see how we help Taryn master her shipwreck photography.

See how Taryn gets on in Shipwreck Photography Part 2

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