Interview - Linda Enfield

7 Building Blocks of Photography 2

Linda Enfield has been a photographer since she was 12 years old when she asked her parents to buy her a camera. Obviously captivated with photography Lynda has travelled the whole journey through shooting on film through to the stunning images she now shoots digitally.

Linda shoots RAW and is a great believer in processing her own RAW files so she can make the image look how she wants it too. To put part of herself into it instead of leaving it to what the programmers have told the camera to do with it. Post production is just part of the creative process - it isn't 'cheating'. Even the great Ansel Adams worked on his glass plates in post production.

In many circumstances you cannot get an image straight out of the camera because the tonal range is beyond what the camera can see.

Linda shoots Canon but is a firm exponent of my own mantra that the camera is only a tool. Alone it's worthless. It's the photographer who takes the image, what she or he uses to get it is secondary.

It's much the same with editing software. There are many many ways to achieve the same result. There isn't one single way that is 'right'. The key is to learn what different controls do - then combine them in the way that gives you the result you want.

If you're starting out with post production Photoshop and Lightroom are the favourite programs of most photographers. They compliment each other and work well together. If you're just starting out and struggle to understand Photoshop, please take a look at my Photoshop For Beginners - To 10 Tools course. It'll put you on the path, grow your confidence and give you results.

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