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It's very rare we ever have photos printed any more - and I think that's a shame because there's nothing like the feeling you get from knowing the beautiful image printed big on your wall is all your own work.

I know digital photography is amazing - the ability to take a picture and show it to someone on the other side of the world in less than five minutes was pure science fiction only a few years ago.

But I still lament not seeing beautifully printed photos up on the wall being enjoyed. And for me professional photo printing is the way to go because it's effective, easy and cheap.

Printing at home is fun. It's kind of like watching an image appear under red light in your darkroom - but unless you spend quite a lot of money and really get into the nitty gritty of monitor calibration and calibrating your home printer to match it you'll never get those beautiful punchy colours you get from a professional printer. So this time lets take a journey into the world of professional digital photo printing.

Paul Williams of PW Digital in Poole Dorset has been a professional photo printer for over 25 years - and in 2007 he went fully digital. I've been sending images to him since the days when I shot on film. Paul kindly agreed to show us around his Poole based photo lab and explain some of the technicalities and differences between home printing and having it done professionally.

Paul is an expert and a real nice guy too so if you want some beautiful prints made for your wall I recommend him completely.

Paul Williams
Unit 3, Alder Hills Industrial Estate
16, Alder Hills
BH12 4AR

Tel: 01202 732211

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