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100,000 subscribers on Youtube! Wow I never imagined it would become so popular, or that by giving great content away for free I could start a whole new 'lifestyle' business which is so fulfilling and rewarding.

Thank you everyone. It is you lovely people who have made this possible.

Whether you watch the videos here or on YT, I could not be doing what I do and loving every moment without your help.

I have learnt so much in the last 2.5 years and helping you has also helped me. Not only am I doing something I love, but by having to think harder about my photography so I can simplify it and help you, it has made me a better photographer. This is fantastic. It completes the circle. I help you, you help me and everyone is better for it. How wonderful is that?

I love reading your comments which are so kind and thoughtful. Some of your stories are genuinely moving and inspiring and I salute you in sharing them so publicly. 

I love reading your comments and helping you out answering your questions wherever I can. However now there are so many of you it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up. 100,000 subscribers is only part of it. In the last 28 days alone, there has been 176,535 video views by people who are not subscribed. They alone alone have watched (and commented on) 1 year 227 days of video. Imagine how many that is when you add in 100,000 more.

video views
'not subscribed' views only

I never want anyone to feel they are being ignored so I'm enlisting the help of my PA Melissa Fox to keep it up. Melissa has been a leading light on the Facebook page for over 3 years with her images and comments. A year ago she began helping me manage it when Terri left to pursue her dreams. If you are a regular on our FB page you'll know her already and what a great job she does for us all.

Melissa knows all my videos because she learnt from them herself and is now an excellent semi-professional shooting portraits and weddings. Her work is beautiful and she always goes that extra mile to make things work.

From now on Melissa will be helping me answer your questions on YouTube and Google+ as well. So you know to whom you're talking, we'll always post our names at the end of comments. I'll still be coming back at least 3 times per week because I love it.

Thank you again for being you.

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