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A couple of weeks ago I put up a video about ClickASnap. The world's 1st paid per view photo sharing site and asked you to test it for us. If you missed that video you can see it here.

So I want to show you what you’ve helped achieve, share a few tips to help you use the site and update you about new cool stuff that’s being worked on right now and will be along soon.

So what’s new? Right now there’s 50,000 images, 25,000 views per day and 50 new accounts created every 24 hours.

  • It has bigger thumbnails in accounts
  • You can add other social media buttons to your accounts
  • Improved social media sharing on images
  • Navigation buttons in Albums
  • Add to albums from an image
  • Respond to comments
  • More questions answered in the FAQ section. (Including how you get paid)

The standard of imagery is outstanding. So well done everybody. You’re all doing very well, CS is a great way to gauge how you’re growing as a photographer. The more paid views you have, the more time is being spent looking at your image.

Many have said they wish the site was more mobile and tablet friendly. We know this is currently crap and it’s on the To Do list. Sadly we don’t have unlimited resources to get everything done all at once. We’re on it, but for now it’s not as high a priority as some other things.

But - the really big news is - ClickASnap is currently getting around 1 million views a month! An incredible achievement for such a new site - and that’s down to you guys and girls posting pics and sharing links to them.

And please remember, as ClickASnap grows and earns more revenue, payouts per image view increase too. That’s why we can’t give you a precise figure. It’s changing every day as new advertisers come on board, different  campaigns begin and end - etc....

This is not an overnight thing and it’ll take time to grow. Right now payouts are small, but as more users come on board they can only get better. If at the end of a year you’ve earned enough to go buy a lens or something, that’s a reward you wouldn’t get with other photo sharing sites.

Speaking of money, remember ClickASnap isn’t just another ‘stock’ site. The ecommerce system is top priority right now and Tom’s developers are wearing their little fingers off bashing out code to make it happen. You’ll be able to sell your work as downloads, prints, framed prints, canvasses etc - and license commercial use too if you wish. You’ll get to set your own prices and ClickASnap takes just 10% commission.

We will be putting together a guide that’ll include the cost of framing, printing etc to help you price your work. As you can imagine, building a system to set your own prices for the thousands of potential combinations of print size, frames, borders, canvasses, acrylics etc, takes a huge amount of time and money to implement. It’s all coming so please be patient

Please be aware there will be a small charge for a premium ecommerce account. Probably around £2.99. This is to help pay cost of running the ecommerce and storing big, high resolution files. If you don’t want to sell work, the paid per view option will always be free. And remember, Artists can use Clickasnap exactly the same as photographers.

If you’re interested in selling, please join the ClickASnap User Group on Facebook. Group members will be invited to test the ecommerce system and become the first to sell their work. The discussion group is also an opportunity for you to have your say, help shape the entire site and make it what you want it to be.

Tom has posted a presentation about ClickASnap as a business should you be interested in investing or becoming involved as part of the management team.

Image protection is very high on the priority list. What I’m about to tell you is still very much in development and I can’t say exactly how it’ll work yet. But basically, there’ll be a section in your Account that’ll tell you if any image you post to ClickASnap is used elsewhere online. So if someone is using your image without permission, you’ll know where the image is and can contact the site owner, ask them to remove it, send them a bill, or take whatever action against them you choose.

You’ll be able to ‘white label’ your own sites, social media etc so you don’t get bombarded with unnecessary alerts. Obviously there’s nothing anyone can do when someone takes a screen grap of an image whatever site it’s on. But we’re doing all we can to help you find copyright breaches so you can take action against them.

If you haven’t done so already, please can you help me try and break ClickASnap? When I first told everyone about the site, so many of you lovely people hit it at once, it crashed. Since then many improvements have been made to prevent it happening again. So please would you be kind enough to try and make it crash again?

Pop over to ClickASnap now and check out a few pics. The only way we can be sure what’s been done is effective is to try and break it. Hopefully it’ll all be lovely. If not there’s going to be big ‘red pen’ messages coming in saying ‘Must Try Harder Next Time’! So please - go bang it.

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