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Interview - Michael Foyle

UBC 2017


Michael Foyle started photography as a hobby when he was still a teenager. Later in his career as a music producer and DJ he began to travel and this really ignited his passion for capturing images. In 2013 he turned professional.

It all began with what he knew ­ music. And when his boss suggested he do photography as a career the fire was lit!

Michael has a passion for making images of all genres. Weddings and portraits to a dream commission photographing speed trials on the Bonneville Salt Flats in USA. It’s the buzz of creation itself that obviously sets him on fire, regardless of subject.

Interviewing Michael it’s very obviously he’s a ‘people’ person and has true empathy with his human subjects which is how a great photographer is able to not only capture their likeness, but a piece of their personality as well. You cannot hide behind the camera and capture the human spirit. You have to give of yourself as well.

Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the phrase ‘decisive moment’ to describe the optimum time to press the shutter. When photographing life as it happens the photographer has to be aware of everything going on around them. Light, movement and anticipate what will happen so they are ready with a composition when the moment arrives.

Michael has developed a clear photographic style of his own which to my eye blends excitement with a graphic element that makes his images interesting. Post production skills are a vital part of photography. It’s where the photographer has final say over how their image will look and the emotion it conveys, and I love Michael’s lightness of touch in developing his imagery. They are bright, vibrant and exciting.

I look forward to speaking with Michael Foyle again some day to see how his career is developing (pun intended!) Check out his website at

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