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Fashion photography images have always interested me because they’re usually eye-catching and exciting - though I’ve never had anything to do with it. We all hear how none of the images are ‘real’ because they’ve all been ‘photoshopped’. When I was lucky enough to do an interview with fashion photographer Dave Kai-Piper I jumped at the chance.

Retouching certainly plays a part but as with all genres of photography, you have to have a good original file in the first place. By the way, note I say retouching not developing in post production. They are different.

Retouching is in my opinion, digitally adding to the image as a whole. That could be altered lighting, removing marks and blemishes, adding or removing things or completely changing a model’s body shape. Developing in post production is the digital equivalent of the dark room skills we used with film such as lightning and darkening selected areas, adjusting contrast, colour etc.

So computer work aside, I really wanted to find out more about the creative world of fashion photography and was delighted whenI got a message from Dave Kai-Piper asking if I fancied meeting up for a drink as he was in my area. You betcha!

Dave is obviously very creative guy who thinks deeply about his art / craft or whatever you wish to call what he does. His images are in his head and he translates them into reality by doing what all photographers have to do - Think Like Photographers.

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