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BTS With Melissa

beginners photography workshop


There’s a ton of background work setting up a photo workshop to ensure it runs smoothly. You may have met my ace assistant Melissa Fox on our Facebook page and seen her name on YouTube where she helps me keep up responding to comments and questions.

This week she’s been busy on the ground in Cambodia making sure arrangements for our Temples of Angkor And The Mighty Mekong workshop are all ready to go. I asked her to film some behind the scenes video of what she’s been up to. Personally I think she’s having way too much fun whilst I’m stuck in the office in rainy old England.

There are the hotels to check in with and make sure the rooms are all good to go. Located in a quiet side street, Pages hotel in Siem Reap is superb which is why we’ve returned many times. Didn’t know she was going to be chilling out by the pool…

We’re always looking for new angles and corners of locations we’ve already visited too. It’s all too easy to be complacent so Melissa’s found a ‘swamp’ she’s dying to show you. It might sound daft, but as you’ll see in the video, unlikely spots can sometimes pay off with some great imagery. It’s all about striving for constant improvement, and if we don’t go - we don’t know.

Besides managing our Facebook page, Melissa does customer support and a host of jobs in the background to keep the website running smoothly. The last seven years would have been tough indeed without her help. This year she’ll be coming on the workshop to help look after everyone and shoot behind the scenes things which Simon and I cannot do because we’re always too busy teaching and mentoring.

I hope you choose to join us, experience some wonderful places and people and shoot amazing unforgettable images too...


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