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Photography magazines Pt. 3

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When you print on paper (not photographic paper) the print process has to be CMKY four colour ink which makes images go a bit flat looking. In How to publish a photography magazine 3 meet Neil the reprographic manager.

It's his job to make sure all those beautiful images look bright and clean when converted - as well as retouching work. What - you didn't know?

Almost every great image you see or buy for your wall has had some level of post production. And Neil is an expert.

Magazine publishers Archant also have Photo TV which compliments their photography magazines Professional photographer, Turning Pro and Photography Monthly.

Photo TV is an online resource managed by all round media expert Jess who recons she's left Uni and walked right into her dream job. Great to see such passion at work. After all it's what we spend most of our lives doing.

Jess not only edits, she also writes, plans, films and manages - a tall order for anyone.

And finally we get to meet the big cheese himself - the boss Adam Scorey who you've probably met with us before. A workaholic and long time photo expert, Adam is group editor for all three of Archant's photography magazines.

Adam directs the content and direction, manages his team (who obviously love working with the man) and stays up late into the night writing reviews and copy and planning your next edition...

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