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Photography magazines Pt. 1

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Archant are one of the UK's largest magazine publishers boasting Photography Monthly, Professional Photographer and Turning Pro magazines amongst their titles.

That's a lot of photo related content to find, create stories about, design, print and distribute every four weeks and seeing as I write for them sometimes we went along to see what's involved in publishing them all.

Newsagent’s shelves are groaning under the weight of photography magazines available to photographers. There are specialist black and white magazines, professional magazines, arty magazines and many more aimed at enthusiasts.

Despite the availability of online photography magazines printed hard copy is still very popular and we’ve often wondered how on earth publishers manage to fill them every month.

The general perception is probably one of teams of photographers, writers and designers and editors and one of the things that surprised me most was the tiny number of staff in the office.

Obviously they have contributors all over the world but imagine all the coordination and planning that must happen to make it work.

Come and join us on an eye opening visit to their offices in Cheltenham where we catch up with an old friend (whom you may well recognise) as we find out how to publish two of the UKs favourite national photography magazines.

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