Shipwreck Photography Pt. 3

7 Building Blocks of Photography 2

Getting eye catching images is a three stage process. First you have to find and investigate an appropriate subject. Second you have to shoot the images at the right time in the right light. And thirdly there’s the post production to ‘polish’ your picture.

This is the final challenge of shipwreck photography with Taryn ­ to take a dull lifeless RAW file and give it some ‘Oomph’ in Photoshop’s camera raw processor. Post production isn’t cheating by the way. If you had a print made from a negative even high street mini labs tweak colour and density. A pro lab would go even further.

I have to confess to a bit of a cock-up in the making of this film which will become apparent ­ but hopefully won’t detract from the other ‘good stuff’ in it.

Follow Taryn’s shipwreck photography challenge from the beginning with shipwreck photography pt1 and shipwreck photography pt2.

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