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Mike Browne Interview 1

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A while ago Dave Vickers contacted me to ask if he could interview me for his Youtube channel, The Photo Show. How could I say no?

I love talking about what inspires me in life and as you probably know already ­ photography, and teaching it is a passion of mine.

This is the first part of what began as a short ten minute chat and grew into almost an hour’s conversation. Dave has wisely broken it down onto three sections.

Here in part one we talk about …

  • How I got into photography
  • What kind of images do I love to shoot?
  • How I learnt Photography
  • Turned professional
  • Found clients
  • How I began shooting weddings
  • And thinking like a photographer

In part 2 we’ll explore finding images, researching and executing them, landscapes, my favourite most inspiring photographer and more…

Please pop over to Youtube and subscribe to Dave Vickers’ Photo Show channel. He’s a good guy!

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