ClickanapI’ve become involved with a new photo sharing website that’s the 1st to share its revenue with photographers. Basically, upload your best work, tell people they are there and get paid when someone lingers to look at them.

In this video I’m going to explain how it works, show you how to benefit from it and if you like it, ask for your help to make it great for us all!

OK so what’s the catch? There isn’t one and that’s why I’m involved. You are not signing away your rights or anything nasty like that. Of course it’s a business and it works for everyone involved. And I wouldn’t be part of it if I didn’t believe that.

What is my involvement with ClickASnap? I know ClickASnap boss Tom Oswald personally and he offered me part of the company in exchange for my help shaping it and the opportunities we can offer photographers. And of course to help promote and get it off the ground. What I particularly like about ClickASnap is the more the site earns, the more it pays out to photographers.

Websites are expensive things to develop and run so initially money comes from advertising. The more people use the site, the more advertisers are prepared to pay and the higher the payouts become. Later, there’ll be opportunities for you to sell your work for whatever price you set. That revenue is shared with clickasnap 90/10 in your favour. You get 90% of the money. ClickASnap then puts it’s 10% share back into the company and increases the value on the pay per views.

Now don’t just post 100s of photos hoping to make money. Remember, you get paid when someone pauses for 5 seconds to look at your photos, so always post your best work. If you don’t, no one will pause to look at it. To prevent people from filling the site with rubbish, photos which are repeatedly skimmed past, or actively disliked sink down the search results and are eventually deleted.

This means you’ve got great content on the site - and a cool way to measure and incentivise your growth as a photographer. Imagine how exciting it will be as you begin to see a few cents then dollars showing up. Of course everyone’s tastes are different and some of my fav images don’t get many views at all. But so what? It’s fun to see the ones people do like - and the earnings listed next to them.

Some people don’t like ads and use blockers, which is fair enough. But for everyone to make something from their work we need an income. So for a tiny fee folks with ad-blockers can use the site and your ad blocker will do it’s job. This protects you as well as us. Why should you put tons of effort into your photography and not be rewarded? We don’t want this to go the way of the music industry where so many creators have their work available around the world for nothing.

This is not a pros only site. It’s for everyone. I’ve seen complete beginners make stunning images. Whether a happy accident or not - they were still stunning.

How to use it

  • Make an account
  • Upload your best photos
  • Give them a title / name
  • Write a short description
  • Tags for search
  • Share links to albums and photos with your friends

Please Help us:

I think you can see the potential for a fabulous photography resource is huge. Please help us realise this potential and make it THE place for photographers to hang out. Just using Clickasnap and telling your friends is a huge help. Please tell us if you find a bug or have an idea on the Facebook discussion group, links below.

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Search: Videscape Discussion Group

Maybe you’d like to invest?

Obviously, this is a high risk investment right now - but remember the guy who’d have been a billionaire today if he hadn’t sold his Apple shares for $2000? Hard to believe now, but some believed Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak would never make it with Apple. Who knows? If you’re interested please leave a message on the Facebook discussion group and Tom will contact you directly.

Please drop by and give it a go.

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