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Woodland Photography with Gary Gough - Photo Biker 27

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Are you interested in woodland photography? Well, you’re in the right place!

In the video above, I go behind the scenes with landscape photographer and YouTuber Gary Gough at Wistman’s Wood.

“Are we nearly there yet?” should’ve probably been the title of this video… and you’ll see why.

I’m far from a hardcore landscape photographer; Gary, on the other hand, lives and breathes for the landscape. So, it was quite an adventure!

Working with Gary on this video was awesome; he provides such great insight, such as why people often struggle with woodland photography. 

“If you take boring woodland pictures, go to a better-looking woodland.” That’s a quote from the horse's mouth (sorry Gary, I’m calling you a horse!).

It’s interesting and inspiring to hear him talking about his approach to photography - one I think many photographers - me included - can understand and relate to.

Get stuck into the video; there’s so much great stuff to absorb from Gary - I add my own two cents, too :D

Watching Gary at work shows just how much patience you need and how you need to engage your photographer’s brain to get ‘the shot’. Great photography means trial and error, even when you are adept at it. 

But, a good understanding of light, composition, camera settings, etc., is crucial. From there, you simply work on your creativity and technical know-how to build confidence in the type of photography you love - whether that’s woodland photography or something entirely different.

Learning the all-important foundations of photography is something I would love to help you with! Check out my Masterclass in Photography to discover how…

Best wishes...

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