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Cameras don’t take pictures; we do. So, if you have a camera phone to hand, you can get some great phone photography - and I’m going to show you how.

We don’t always travel with our entire photography kit, but most of us will have a smartphone that includes a camera. 

Now, I know what you may be thinking. Surely, you’ve got to have a good quality camera phone for taking great pictures? And, yes,  that will make somewhat of a difference. But even if you have an older mobile phone (or cellphone for those over the pond), you can still get some great shots.

It’s all about being creative and using your brilliant brain!

So are you ready for some phone photography? Jump into the video and come along with me on a road trip through France. 

Alongside phones offering an array of proper camera controls, they are just so convenient. 

You can get shots much quicker as you don’t have to fiddle with lenses etc. But you want to understand the settings on your phone, like the back of your hand,  to tweak them at speed. 

Top tip - keep shooting as you are on the move because the angles will change, and the natural light may adjust - just be ready and willing to capture what you see when you see it. 

However, don’t just go around snapping pictures of things you like the look of. Anyone can do that, and it doesn’t make you a photographer. 

Thinking about what you are shooting and how to do it the best way possible - taking lighting, composition and focal point (if your phone has aperture settings) into consideration - makes you a great photographer.

Never be afraid to experiment!

Whether you use a camera or a phone, I’d love to help you if you want to build your confidence in photography. My Masterclass in Photography will show you how to work with light, composition, focal length and so much more.

Best wishes...

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