A Good Man In Ukraine - Photo Biker 15

Do you fancy yourself a budding documentary photographer?


Photography storytelling is a real passion of mine. 

It takes photography to a deeper level and allows me to provide people with a small glimpse into someone else’s world. There are some stories that need telling, and being able to do so with my cameras, my voice, and what I have learnt about photographing people over the years, is really powerful stuff. 

The thing is with documentary photography (or social documentary photography) not every story we are trying to tell is doused in darkness. Although those stories and experiences are important to share to shed light on what’s really happening, it’s also great to capture the moments of hope. 

Every emotion on display is crucial to share to document something accurately. Much of the time in media, that’s not what we see. But then, it's not the whole story…

To tell a story, you need to understand it. 

Part of the work you need to do in order to do this is to speak to the people involved. If that isn’t something you are comfortable with, then as I always say - get out there and practice.

When it comes to documentary photography, things won’t always go smoothly, especially if you are in difficult situations. You need to read a situation, explain your motives if you can, and be prepared to walk away empty-handed. 

Let me tell you a story about my experience when delivering much-needed relief items to Poland in support of Ukraine refugees. And, more importantly, a man I met on my journey called Janusz.

Watch the video and join me as I meet some incredible, resilient and selfless people and document them as I go.

(Please be aware that the video may contain some distressing scenes.)

Best wishes...

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