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It’s a beautiful morning and I've decided to take a ride out through some gorgeous scenery and to see what photos I can find by the side of the roads in Dorset, UK.  Always bear in mind if you looking for photo opportunities on a journey - go slowly, literally, take your time and look around - be present.

I spotted a building in the distance - Bryanston School - which could make a good shot. Using my long lense I’ve extended my focal length, because as we all know, long lenses make far off things look closer. Composition-wise I’ve decided to put the building down low and try and avoid any clutter around the edges of the frame. The exposure’s been set to 2000th of a second which is what the camera wants, F14 200 ISO - it’s a different shot to the one I got on my previous photo biker trip at Cranborne Chase, but different is good! Certainly where I live at the time of year I shot this video (January) the sun is always low in the sky, and that always helps with landscape photography.

The next point of interest that catches is my eye is Hanford School shrouded in a atmospheric bank of mist. The settings I use are 1/500sec, F8, 200ISO, 181mms and I have to say I like what I shot, detail in the mist, beautiful light coming in on the left of the house and it’s snugly nestled between trees in the valley - idyllic!

When I finally arrived (through the mist) at Shillingstone Station you might be surprised to see that it’s actually in an industrial estate. The station was closed in the 60s and it used to be part of the Bath to Bournemouth branch line.

The first shot I’m going to go for is the station itself, I’m going to stick with 10-24 which looks - okay - but when I change the focal length and start to move my body the shot starts to look far more dynamic. 1/125 sec - F8 - 200ISO - 10mm, and I love it, as you watch the video you'll see I try many more settings (and devices) too.

If you want to learn more about the tips I've talked about in this video then I'll point you in the direction of my Masterclass in Photography course, it really does have everything you need and there's even a free sample to get you started.

Best wishes until next time...

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