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If you missed Part 1 of my Landmark Photography video, watch it here. You’ll see me visit St Catherine’s Chapel, a historic landmark near Abbotsbury in the south of England. In that video, I get up close and personal with the chapel and see what sort of pictures I can make of it…

In this follow-up video, I take a step back - right back - so that the chapel becomes the focus of a much wider landscape photo. 

As I state in this video, I believe you can’t do a landmark landscape photo justice when you are in the landscape itself. 

So, this time, I swapped the wide-angle lens for a long lens and a higher viewpoint. Have a look at the video to see what I came up with. 

One of my favourite parts of landscape photography is the search. Finding that perfect spot to capture a landscape and a specific subject is shown in the best light (and composition). That’s where my motorbike comes in incredibly handy - I can easily access routes that would be tough to do in a car.

Are you an avid bike enthusiast like me? Why not join me on one of my Photo Biker Workshops, where we get out and about exploring and searching for incredible photo opportunities.

When planning a landmark landscape photo, it’s good to remember it’s all not all about the landmark. If you don’t bring in some crucial elements of the landscape, you lose the placement of the subject. This is where you want to get clever with composition - think about what will add to the position of the landmark without it becoming lost in the scene. 

Remember how much light can impact this as well; too much shadow could cast the landmark into darkness. The difficulty here? Natural light changes quickly! You have to be prepared to act quickly, as well as be patient - you’ve really got to have your creative brain switched on.

Check out some of the shots I took below, and watch the video to see how I got them. 

Best wishes...

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