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In this video you can join me whilst I test the navigation system which is going to be used on my Photo Biker workshop that's running in May 2022. The ride started outside of the Crown Manor Hotel which is where my fellow Photo Bikers and I will be resting our tired but satisfied heads in the evenings (and yes it has off road parking).

My navigation system is based on Google maps which I most - if not all - people have on their mobile phone. I also created a doc in Google sheets which allows you to tap on each location and then Google maps will simply tell you where to go, beyond that you can just enjoy the ride; look for photos and have a nice time.I couldn't resist the urge to stop at a rape seed field to exploit the gorgeous yellow fields, yellow flowers against a bright blue sky look so exciting - it's a little hazy which adds another dimesion to it... I'm a negative space junkie so there's an urge to isolate the flowers too and there's even a folly which comes into the mix! If you'd like to learn more about negative space take a look at my Materclass in Photography 4 week course.

With many more stops along the way - not least the 'Hovis Hill' - I can confirm that yes... the navigation system kept me on track!

Best wishes...

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