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Phone Photography

One on One photo training


So - what are you going to do when you're out for a walk but have left your DSLR in the car because you couldn't be bothered to carry all that kit about / it's a bit of a dull day / or you just couldn't be 'arsed'? (British colloquialism)

The best camera in the world is the one you have with you at the time and mobile phones fit the bill perfectly because they ARE always with you. I think phone photography is awesome because it's immediate.

If I see something which catches my eye there's no cursing because I don't have a camera with me, no rushing back to get one, no drama. I can just take the photo.

Phone photography does of course have it's limitations because the camera on a phone is not a versatile as a DSLR. You can't change focal length, adjust aperture or shutter speed. There are apps available which simulate these things and I'll be taking a look at them in other films.

I know that many people look down their noses at phone photography (or 'Phoneography' as it's become known) and say it's not 'proper' photography. But what is 'proper' photography?

To me a camera is only a tool to capture the image I can see in my head. I use Nikon DSLRs professionally and they are great, but it's taking an image I'm proud to have taken that makes me feel good - not the device I used to do it.

And phone photography isn't limited to drunken nights out - you can take pictures of ANYTHING. These three photos were taken on my phone. If you'd like to see more check out the Phone Only album on our Facebook page or my Instagram page.

The important things with phone photography are composition and light. In this video we'll also touch on...

You've probably guessed - I love phone photography and I urge you to try using your phone to take photos more.

Because phone cameras are a bit limited they make you work a bit harder as a photographer. You can't zoom without losing image quality so you have to move yourself (like we did in the 50mm composition exercises) and really think about how to compose the image you want to make.

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