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My Photography Tours For Bikers In A Magazine! - Photo Biker 23

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Motorcycle photography is one of my favourite things to do. So, I was really chuffed when my mate Chris, from Bikerheadz, introduced me to Charlie Oakman - a publisher with five fantastic national motorcycle magazines. 

Charlie took a shine to my photo biker concept, which is all about learning photography while travelling on motorbikes. Even better, he wanted to feature my Photo Biker Workshops in one of his titles. Exciting! 

As well as interviewing me about the conception of my Photo Biker Workshops, Charlie wanted to experience a taste for himself. So we arranged to meet in the beautiful village of Cheddar, home to the staggering Cheddar Gorge. 

En route to Cheddar, Chris and I had a blast on the bikes. That in itself is a big part of the workshops - enjoying the ride. It was a pleasure meandering through the gorge and stopping for a coffee at the end. 

We met Charlie and sat down for a short interview - which you can watch in the video. 

Then we got into the good stuff, teaching Charlie how to get awesome photos of his bike! 

We talked about lighting, composition and how to alter the camera settings to bring the bike to life. A little bit of exposure compensation can make a huge difference.

Charlie surprised me with his great composition suggestions - he used his photographer's brain. We’ve all got one; it just needs to be used - the more we do, the more those muscles will expand, and we’ll make brilliant creative decisions.

I could tell you all here, but the video is far more interesting. You’ll see how I mentored Charlie and the great pictures he ended up with. 

We even met a biker couple who allowed us to get wicked action shots on their bike! Take a look :)

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