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Landscape Photography In Switzerland - Photo Biker 14

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Switerland... I love being back out in this beautiful world we live in! I've just completed my workshop weekend in Zurich so thought I'd spend a few extra days in the country exploring on a hired Suzuki GSR 650, a fantastic little yellow buzz box - even if it isn't my usual ride!

As you can imagine there are some absolutely gorgeous views in Switzerland and I came across deep green valleys, llamas, traditional villages and lovely sunsets.

I would have loved to have had specific light to focus in one particular shot - but light doesn't work light that does it? So I chose to make something out of the moody sky instead with a nice wide angled shot and utilise the power of the focal lense, I'm starting to like the GoPro a lot too...

If you want to learn how to make the best out of the light YOU have available then have a look at my Masterclass in Photography.

Best wishes...

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