Empty Sky Early Morning Landscape Shoot - Photo Biker 17

Join me on a landscape shoot at the crack of dawn as I ride to Corfe Castle to (hopefully) capture it in some incredible light. Photography at sunrise can be really rewarding but also present its challenges…

The main reason an early morning is usually a photographer’s friend is because you get great light. 

And let’s not forget – light is king.

But, natural light tends to change very quickly, so you can’t hang about when on location. 

Plus, natural lighting doesn’t always turn out as expected. That’s why you must take test trips to the places you want to photograph to scope them out properly. Going back several times will give you a good understanding of how an area or subject works in a different light.

When testing a new area, be prepared to spend a fair bit of time figuring it out (like I did). However, this time isn’t wasted. It’s all about getting familiar with your surroundings, your subject and how it works with different light and compositions. 

You’ll notice how the two work together too. Light affects the composition, and composition (including angle and focal length) can change how the light is picked up. 

As you play with exposure in manual mode, you’ll learn what type of light will work best for your chosen location. 

Try something different with the presented light - like the bright sun. For example, I tried capturing a starburst to make the empty sky more interesting as a backdrop, and I think it turned out pretty good. 

As I said, light and even the sky can change quickly. Though you may be presented with a dull clear sky as a backdrop, give it 20 minutes, and you could be in a completely different situation. As you’ll see in my video, I got lucky with a few puffy white clouds creeping in when I ventured back into civilisation.

If you are working with some cloud cover, make sure you are looking out for light pools. These things are a dream! They provide a spotlight of sorts so that you can make your subject really stand out. But, you’ll have to be quick as they can move at speed. Knowing your camera well to get that focus in is crucial–I was so pleased I managed to get the castle bathed in light.

Do you know your camera? Are you confident with quickly changing settings and choosing the right ones?

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Until next time...

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