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Snow photography Pt. 3

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In snow photography part 1 we looked at how your camera can often set the wrong exposure when you're out and about in all that bright whiteness. In part 2 we looked at what makes an interesting composition and now lets spend a moment thinking about details.

Details like twigs, footprints, icicles etc all work so well and often tell the story of snow better than a big open scene.

Framing your subject with some overhanging snow will give your snow photos a sense of depth so look out for gaps in snow covered foliage to shoot through. If you can backlight it'll help make the snow extra sparkly and bring out textures too.

If you don't have a macro lens a long lens works brilliantly because the narrow field of view cuts away any surrounding clutter and a shallow depth of field makes wherever you focus really stand out against a blurry background.

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