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Photo tips from a real life shoot

Masterclass 3


How about some professional photography tips as I shoot a real life commission? As a professional I get to photograph all kinds of things, people and places and believe me it is not all glamour and glitz.

So the challenge is to be as creative as possible with whatever you're asked to photograph whilst keeping it realistic. Unless you're asked to be a bit off the wall and that doesn't often happen.

On this job I was asked by The Lookout Holiday Park on the south coast of the UK to shoot images for a new website and to be used in their advertising literature. The job came in in early February and the owners were obviously anxious to get the photo shoot done as soon as possible to attract visitors for the early summer season.

The photo brief was to shoot images of the park, facilities and some photos of people doing summery caravan park things like putting up tents and enjoying an evening BBQ. So please join me as we shoot some real life interiors, choose appropriate light for different shots, compositions and focal lengths to get the best most inviting images possible.

Planning is always the key because you only get one go. Well maybe you can come back but the commercial limitations and client expectations often rule this out.

The problem with this kind of shoot is the place has to look inviting and that means great light, sunshine, blue sky, green grass and leaves on the trees. In a British winter the only photos would be of dead looking trees under cloudy leaden skies and not a soul in sight. Yeah - love to go on holiday there! So the main building block of photography (your brain) has to think about finding a time when everything looks at its best. The month of May.

If you'd like to see these images being used checkout The Lookout Holiday Park website.

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