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Snow photography Pt. 2

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In snow photography part 1 we learnt how to get the correct exposure because your camera will usually make it too dark. Now lets look at what subjects and compositions work best.

Being in snow is a sensory experience. Have you ever been in a wonderfully snowy scene and marvelled at how exciting it all looks and when you photograph it the pictures are kind of lacking something?

A photo has to reduce what we perceive as an all round sensory experience to just one sense - visual. So you must think about your composition because randomly snapping away in the hopes of 'getting a 'good one' usually results in lots of mediocre (I'm being nice) images and very few good ones at all.

When you arrive on location don't just wander about because you'll put footprints all over the place. Stand still and think about the scene and how to compose the photo. Snow photography means slowing down and thinking about it for a minute. Are there any gaps in the clouds which will give you better lighting if you wait a few minutes? What can you use as foreground to give your image some snowy depth?

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