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Shutter & Aperture Together

Masterclass 3


Exposure is controlled by the way your shutter and aperture work together. You might want to use a particular shutter or aperture for creative reasons like movement or depth of field, so to maintain the correct exposure the two work together to control the amount of light entering the camera. If you make a change to one you have to change the other.

I know it sounds complicated but shutter and aperture are actually pretty easy to understand. You need a bit of knowledge and lots of practice. 

This is the basic relationship you'll need to get your head round to take control of your photography, and here's how to do that really easily.

  • The relationship between shutter and aperture
  • Changing the shutter speed - what happens to the aperture
  • Changing the aperture - what happens to the shutter speed
  • Aperture priority / AV (aperture value)
  • Shutter priority / TV (time value)

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