What to learn first in Photography

7 Building Blocks of Photography 2

How do you avoid becoming overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have to learn when starting photography?

Which order should you learn photography?

Is it best to start with exposure then go onto ISO? But ISO is part of exposure! OK How about White Balance then Apertures?

There's loads to learn so where do you begin? Where is the best place to start? I'd say composition first followed by light. These two make the biggest difference and are hypercritical to achieving exciting images. And neither of them have anything to do with the camera at all.

Light is particularly important and as you progress though your photography you'll keep learning more and more about it. I don't mean just using flash - available light is changing all the time and has the no 1 biggest impact on your images.

My Photography Beginners video and e-Course are great places to start because both are jargon free and start you off with simple things so you get the hang of them, see a difference in your photos, you'll feel great about it and get hungry for the next step. It's about being motivated and self inspired. I mean if you feel crap or find lessons dull you'll very soon give up. We don't want that do we?

As you learn more about photography you realise there's more to it than you thought. I suggest starting photography with non technical things which will make a big difference to your images. You'll be proud of them and inspired to find out more. It becomes a snowball rolling downhill. As you see yourself improve you'll be hungry for more... And them come join me on a workshop - I'd truly love to meet you.

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