Photography FAQ Pt. 2

Photography FAQ 2 answers the next set of most frequently asked photography questions I get asked and follows on from FAQ 1.

Most of the questions are a bit too big to answer in a few sentences so the links below will take you to other films which will explain more about each answer.

I hope this helps and answers your questions...

Photography FAQs

  • Why do you point the camera away before shooting?
  • Should I focus and recompose - or switch AF points?
  • Which Auto focus mode should I use?
  • Why do you pause before taking a photo?
  • Why do you like tripods so much?
  • What make is your Tripod?
  • Do you use Program, AP/AV, SP/TV or Manual Mode?
  • Which Metering Mode is best?
  • Do crop factors affect image quality as well as field of view?
  • When should I upgrade from a compact to a DSLR?

These videos will help...

All these frequently asked questions bug all photographers when they're starting out - the certainly bugged me. The key to understanding them is to watch a video, practise the technique for yourself and then move onto the next. Take your time when you practise and give yourself permission to make mistakes. No one was born with this knowledge - it has to be learnt.

If you drive a car just think of all the complicated things you do just going to the corner shop. And many of them have no definitive answer. How much should I turn the steering wheel to go round a corner? Which gear should I use when driving to New York?

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