Camera Jargon Buster

7 Building Blocks of Photography 2

What’s the difference between an f stop, focal length and depth of field?
If you’re not clear about what these things are and do on your camera it’s impossible to understand tutorials, hints and tips or put them into practice. So welcome to our camera jargon buster video.

We know from our ‘Tell Us What You Want’ form there’s a lot of confusion about camera jargon because some of the questions we’re asked don’t make sense ­ and this is completely understandable. Camera jargon can be very confusing with different things having similar names, so we thought we’d explain and demonstrate our top ten camera jargon terms in straight forward normal language.

In this video we’ll take you through Apertures and F stops,  Shutter , Aperture Priority or AV (it’s the same thing), Shutter Priority or TV (it’s the same thing) ISO, Camera shake, Focal length , Wide or Short lenses (they’re the same thing), Medium or Standard lenses (they’re the same thing too), Long Lenses, Depth of field / depth of focus and White balance.

Yes we know there are 12 not 10 ­ we’re obviously better at taking pictures than counting... You can even download our free camera jargon buster fact sheet and keep it in your camera bag.

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