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What camera kit should I keep with me?

Lots of you have used the 'Tell Us What You Want' page to ask what I keep in my camera bag on a general 'everyday' basis. So we figured we should make a video and let you know.

Questions ranged from "Should I only take a long lens if I think I'll photograph things in the distance?" to "Which focal lengths do I need?" and "What do you take with you?"

Now bear in mind I shoot for a living so you might not need everything I do. For example I have two of everything because I can't turn to a client and say ' Sorry the camera's broken' and head for home. Especially on a wedding shoot because it can never be repeated. That's why I have a complete spare kit with me whenever I go on a job and both bags are pretty heavy to lug around. Good exercise I suppose.

The way to find out what you need to take with you is to ask yourself what kind of photos you intend to take. It's good practise to sometimes just take a wide lens and only shoot with that one day and maybe a long one the next.

But if you're just going out to 'hunt' pictures and want to cover all eventualities, it's worth making sure you cover from wide (10mm) to long (200mm) because you might need to get a specific look into a photo. And you'll kick yourself if you don't have the right bit of kit to make that happen with you.

Even in daylight I always carry my speedlight flash(es) because I might need a bit of fill in flash. A tripod in case I want lots of depth of field on a long lens which is likely to suffer from camera shake because of a potentially slow shutter speed caused by a small aperture. I think you get my drift....

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