Which Camera Settings?

7 Building Blocks of Photography 2

Knowing which camera settings to use can seem like a minefield but I promise you its quite simple. The problem is we’re all in a hurry and like to think the camera will do it all for us. If we take enough pictures surely there’ll be a ‘good one’ in there somewhere!

Truth is there’ll probably be loads of images that aren’t quite what you’d hoped for. Personally I’d rather have four or five images I’m dead chuffed with.

So go slowly and begin by asking yourself relevant questions about how you want the image to look. This will tell you which focal length and aperture you need. When you know these two things it leads you to how fast you’ll need the shutter speed to be, which in turn tells you which ISO to use. Asking what kind of light you’re working with will give you your white balance, and so it goes on.

Yes I know this all seems like a terrible ‘faff’ that’ll take ages - and to begin with it might take you minute or two. But if you’re into photography what could be more fun than playing with your camera and getting better at taking pictures?

My 7 Building Blocks of Photography 7 week course explains this thought process which links the creative and technical aspects of photography with weekly tutorials, videos and exercises.

As you become more practiced you’ll find it’s really quick and easy. If I ask you which settings you used to drive your car to work you’d tell me it depends on the circumstances? Was it raining or not? In town or on the motorway? Yet with some practice you can now manage these settings almost subconsciously. It’s the same with your camera.

When shooting a portrait in the shade you’ll need different settings to shooting a portrait in sunshine - or a landscape in the sunshine. And that same landscape might need different settings at a different time of day, and so it goes on.

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