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Wedding photography tipsHere comes the bride -­ but are you ready to take the perfect photo?

Wedding photography tips revolve around planning and preparation. Couples put lots of thought into their big day.

And if you’re photographing a wedding - so should you…

Flash is not just for night photography ­- a good flash gun can help you to shoot better in daylight as well.

Britain is not renowned for its bright sunny days so here are some tips for photography using flash.

Subtle use of flash can really brighten up the colours in your pictures. Fill-in flash can really help when the background is brighter than the subject.

Digital photography tips - shooting at night

Good lighting is critical when it comes to taking great photos -­ but low light is no excuse for missing good photo opportunities!

Low light doesn’t necessarily mean ‘bad’ light, it just means there’s not much of it about.

Even shooting at night can still deliver some stunning results if you follow a few basic digital photography tips.

Air shows are just packed with exciting photographic opportunities just waiting for you to snap them up. With the free Bournemouth Air show coming up this weekend here are some tips on how to photograph air shows.


Here are some easy photography tips to add more excitement to your photos. They don’t involve complex techniques -­ just a bit of imagination!

When we look at something it's always in the middle of our field of view. This is how we naturally see the world - but it doesn't necessarily make for great pictures.

No matter how many fancy automatic settings on your digital camera, they’re no use if you don’t apply the basics of photography composition.

It’s well worth using the Rule of Thirds which suggests that ­- for whatever reason -­ the human eye likes to view scenes in groups of three.

Our Ultimate Beginners Photography Course will help you with this.

Choosing the right camera for you is vital if you want great photography. It must fit your needs both technically, aesthetically and ergonomically.

What the difference is between compact and digital SLR cameras - and how each will each impact your photography.

Do your photos all seem a bit static and bland? Capture the idea of ‘speed’ by adding blurring to fast-moving objects.