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Photography VideosLandscape photography tips - waterfallLandscape photography tips start with planning. If you’re serious about shooting landscapes you have to plan ahead.

Think about where there are some interesting features to photograph­ then go and do a recce. Work out where you need to be to get the best composition -­ and it’s rarely by the side of the road.

Portrait photography tipsCapturing human facial expression is a real art but one you can learn surprisingly easily with these handy portrait photography tips.

A successful portrait instantly connects with the viewer, and the trick to that is good communication.

You’re trying to depict the essence of your subject’s personality -­ all their quirks, their foibles -­ in a single click.

breatheHow to compose better, sharper pictures - slow down, relax and breathe before pressing...

fireworks photographyFireworks photography is not as complex as you might think, and fireworks make impressive images to amaze your friends with. So with November 5th approaching here's how to photograph fireworks.

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in ­- and digital SLR photography fans turn their thoughts to sunset photography.

You can get amazing images as the sun’s lowering in the sky as well as the moment it dips below the horizon. Your camera’s own exposure meter can usually cope well with this kind of shot and shouldn’t need any adjustment.

photography composition 1When photographing people, don’t be afraid to get close to your subject. Have you noticed that when we look at each other, it’s faces and eyes that we tend to concentrate on - well almost always ….

Our Ultimate Beginners Course will help you with this.

Tips on photography - autumn mushrooms, by one-to-one photography course student Maria LeekbladeAutumn is a season of golden opportunity for photographers ­- a wealth of rich colours and subtle light conditions.

Early morning and evenings are always good times to shoot but they seem so much better in autumn woodlands.

Check out these tips on photography in the autumn…

Wedding photography tipsHere comes the bride -­ but are you ready to take the perfect photo?

Wedding photography tips revolve around planning and preparation. Couples put lots of thought into their big day.

And if you’re photographing a wedding - so should you…

Flash is not just for night photography ­- a good flash gun can help you to shoot better in daylight as well.

Britain is not renowned for its bright sunny days so here are some tips for photography using flash.

Subtle use of flash can really brighten up the colours in your pictures. Fill-in flash can really help when the background is brighter than the subject.

Digital photography tips - shooting at night

Good lighting is critical when it comes to taking great photos -­ but low light is no excuse for missing good photo opportunities!

Low light doesn’t necessarily mean ‘bad’ light, it just means there’s not much of it about.

Even shooting at night can still deliver some stunning results if you follow a few basic digital photography tips.


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