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zurich-photography-workshop-Kim-Zehntner-3Photography appeals to you - it’s a great hobby, gets you outdoors and will push your boundaries. You’re interested but not sure how to start and that’s okay.

The art of photography can be overwhelming. There are so many experts and multiple paths of learning which can be enough to make you want to put it off.

But remember, everyone has to start somewhere!

I’ve written this handy blog so you know what your options are, are clear on the investment needed and have some top tips to get going.

Myanmar 059Photography is magic. It is a way of capturing moments that we want to hold onto forever. Wedding photos, baby photos, trips of a lifetime all come to mind. It is also a way to challenge ourselves - to think outside the box and to push the limits of what we think we are capable of.

Learning photography is really exciting and my favourite part about new people jumping in and wanting to learn is watching them grow throughout their photography training. But how does one start this life changing journey? 

what do you want as a photographerWhat Do You Want From Your Photography?

  • Ability to shoot perfect images instinctively
  • Recognition as a great photographer by friends, family and peers?
  • To see your images published or wining awards?

how to take good photosHow to take good photos is a question we get asked a lot. It's not your camera that matters, it's your understanding of composition, light and how to use your zoom. Once you know these things taking good photos is easy with any camera.

Our Masterclass in Photography will help you with this.

child and cameraWe all want great photos of our children growing up and with digital it’s so easy to create a photo record of them as they grow.

understanding-lightTo get powerful images you have to have an understanding of how different light will affect your pictures. Here's an exercise to help you.

mike-and-boatIt's not so much a case of good and bad light - all light is good. It's more about what's appropriate!

aperture priorityWe’ve had lots of requests on our ‘Tell us what you want’ page for a film about how and when to use aperture priority (also called ‘AV’ for Aperture Value).  So we’ll certainly be making a film about it for our photography videos section soon.

When you set aperture priority mode you’re telling the camera that the aperture you’ve set is the most important thing and you’ve chosen it for a reason (more on that in a moment) and that it must use it.

Adam-ScoreyThis month I'm handing the reins to a Adam Scorey, editor of Digital SLR User Magazine, to take us through some of the basics for monitor calibration - and why we should do it regularly.

Photography Videospost-productionWe’ve had a lot of people use the form on our photography videos page to ask about post production and photo editing, what programs to use and where to begin. so this months photography tip is all about photo editing.