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Straight from the horse's mouth!


understanding-lightTo get powerful images you have to have an understanding of how different light will affect your pictures. Here's an exercise to help you.

mike-and-boatIt's not so much a case of good and bad light - all light is good. It's more about what's appropriate!

aperture priorityWe’ve had lots of requests on our ‘Tell us what you want’ page for a film about how and when to use aperture priority (also called ‘AV’ for Aperture Value).  So we’ll certainly be making a film about it for our photography videos section soon.

When you set aperture priority mode you’re telling the camera that the aperture you’ve set is the most important thing and you’ve chosen it for a reason (more on that in a moment) and that it must use it.

Adam-ScoreyThis month I'm handing the reins to a Adam Scorey, editor of Digital SLR User Magazine, to take us through some of the basics for monitor calibration - and why we should do it regularly.

Photography Videospost-productionWe’ve had a lot of people use the form on our photography videos page to ask about post production and photo editing, what programs to use and where to begin. so this months photography tip is all about photo editing.

travel photography tips 1As an addicted traveller myself ­ here are my top ten travel photography tips to help you get the very best out of your travel photography.

photographing-interiors-2Jane Shattuck from Planet Barbados recently filled in our  video questionnaire and asked us about photographing interiors - which I thought was a great idea for one of our tips as well as a series of films for our forthcoming video section.

Whether you’re doing it because you enjoy it or because like Jane it’s part of your business - photographing interiors can present it’s own set of tricky situations.

photographic reflectorsI had an email on Sunday from Christine Monkton (one of our first Digital Photography Exposed clients) asking how she should begin with using photographic reflectors for portraiture. Great idea for a photography tip -­ so thanks Christine, this one’s for you...

You can make a photographic reflector from just about anything that’ll reflect light. I frequently use the large white envelopes my lab (ProAm imaging) sends my prints back in, as well as a purpose built Lastolite.

iso-800-no-flashIn this photography tip we'll look at Digital Camera ISO settings which are a tremendously handy tool which is often overlooked or misunderstood. Correct use of your ISO settings means cleaner, sharper and more evocative photos.

The ISO settings on your digital camera are a measure of sensitivity which back in the days of film were also called ASA.

sharp photosHave you been in the right place at the right time, in perfect light, got the composition spot on ­ but when you get home the photo’s not sharp? Countless thousands of great images are spoilt because of sharpness.

Using our Photography Video request form Coen, Rob Lyle, Peter Mentall and Romas Majus (to name but a few) have all asked us to make a ‘how to get sharp photos’ video - which we will. For now here are some tips to help you get sharp photos every time.